If periodontal disease, dental decay or dental injury have caused you to lost your teeth, then you should consult a dentist about getting dentures. Full and partial dentures not only replace missing teeth for aesthetic improvements to your smile, but they also help support your mouth, helping reduce greater problems including further decay and weakened facial muscles that can impair eating and speaking. If you’ve lost all of your natural teeth, then you’ll want full, complete dentures. If you just need to fill some gaps caused by missing individual teeth, then you’ll want partial dentures. When you have dentures, you’ll still need regular cleanings to prevent plaque build-up, staining and gum disease.

For residents of Park Ridge, dentures can be a major procedure. The dentists at The Art of Dentistry treat patients with care and compassion to make sure you get a happy, healthy smile. Improve your look by getting dentures for a nice, full smile. Call our dental office today to schedule your denture appointment!

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