before and after tooth whitening

At The Art of Dentistry in Park Ridge

Cosmetic dentists Dr. Grauer and Dr. Kuchta provide a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to keep you smiling. Aimed at creating a positive change to your smile, cosmetic dentistry not only provides you with newfound confidence, it can also provide restorative changes to your dental health.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, but if you’re hiding your teeth behind closed lips come visit our office for a cosmetic dental consultation. We can help restore your teeth, smile, and self-confidence. Our Park Ridge dentists offer teeth whitening, veneers, composite or tooth colored fillings, and Invisalign braces. Even the smallest change can make everyday tasks such as eating and talking more comfortable!

Call our Park Ridge dentists today to schedule your consultation for one of our following procedures: