You can prevent a lot of plaque build-up and promote good oral hygiene through a healthy diet and daily brushing and flossing, but even the most diligent oral care doesn’t always clean the hard-to-reach back molars. The deep indentations in your back teeth can be havens for bacteria that cause tooth decay, but dental sealants can fill in these depressions and prevent further bacteria-related damage. The sealant procedure for each tooth only takes a few minutes. After cleaning each tooth, its surface texture is roughened with a solution and then it’s bonded with the plastic sealant. In some cases, the hardening process may be accelerated by shining a light on the tooth. Both adults and children can benefit from dental sealants, which can be re-applied once every few years in order to keep the tooth healthy and strong.

If you want to reduce tooth decay and bacteria formation in your mouth, make a dentist appointment with The Art of Dentistry. For residents of Park Ridge, pit and fissure sealants can help improve your oral hygiene to give you a full, healthy smile. Call our dentist office today to schedule your appointment!

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